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Brett Endes, School of Dog, Denver, CO


Denver Dog Training - Brett Endes, School of Dog

Denver, CO –  Since childhood, Brett Endes has used his innate understanding of canine behavior to help thousands of dogs owners solve their problems and to coexist harmoniously. Brett’s School of Dog in Denver, Colorado draws upon 20 years of professional experience, combining spiritual and  scientific approaches to bridge the gap  between our two species. In most cases, he is able to rehabilitate dogs who are seen as a “lost causes” or considered “untrainable” by other  specialists. Brett has a unique understanding of canine psychology and a deep passion for working with people, to create better relationships with their dogs. Brett is devoted to helping others understand the intricate nuances he has learned, as well as providing effective solutions to training, obedience and personal growth. In addition to being the regiosn premiere specialist in dog behavior, Brett is also a member of The International Association of Canine Professionals as well as a graduate of the Academy of Canine Education in New York City. Brett earned his degree in comparative psychology from The S tate University of New York and was inducted into the Psi Chi honors society for his achievements in human/canine Psychological research and academic study. His first book, Dogmatism is scheduled to be released Spring 2014. Brett conducts training sessions throughout Colorado, and more frequently in Denver, Boulder and Metro area. He lectures throughout the United States and Japan on the subject of dog behavior, and dog training. Brett was featured on Fox 9 News and has been a contributor to Dog Fancy magazineAnimal Planet, and several local Colorado publications. He currently lives in Boulder county, Colorado with his daughter and 2 dogs, Bear and Boo. If you are in need of a unique and solid dog training method, and are looking for solutions where others have failed, contact Brett Endes today for a free consultation. Denver Dog Training is only a click away!


Denver Dog Training - Brett Endes School of Dog


Brett’s Services Include:

  • Dog Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Behavior Modification
  • Dog Obedience Training
  • Advanced Dog Obedience
  • Private Dog Training Classes
  • Group Dog Training Sessions
  • Dog Psychology Analysis
  • In-Home Dog Training
Areas of Operation:

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Metro Denver and Surrounding Areas
  • Front Range
  • Foothill Areas of Colorado
There is more to dog training than come, sit, stay, and down. Many professionals make this mistake when teaching their clients how to interact their dogs. Dog trainers often barely scratch the surface when it comes to understanding the training needs of most dogs. This just won’t make the cut when it comes to the highly intelligent, sensitive, and working-minded dogs who are the most likely candidates for dog training. Because of this, my primary goal is to educate owners on how to help their dogs become the most psychologically balanced, and well behaved pet possible. Regardless of age, breed, or previous training experience.
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